Facial Fantasy

My girlfriend and I had a couple of nights away for a fancy dinner we were attending. We had been working apart for the previous month and we were glad to finally have some time alone.
The first night we only left the hotel room for a short while to go for a drink at the close by bar. We stayed for happy hour and then headed back to the hotel for a quickly before going out to dinner. We never made it to dinner :-)
The next night we had an intimate bath before heading off to our dinner party. My girlfriend loves to suck me, bit she always swallows and by the time I get to kiss her it is all gone and there is nothing but the feint remnants of my **** on her breath. I've always hopes that she would leave a little for me. Somehow our bath conversation got into oral and i told her I would love to give her a facial one time. She thought this was a great idea :-)
We arrived home pretty late from the dinner party and we were both very hit for it. She began by sucking my **** and I asked her to straddle my face while she did. She quickly orgasmed on my face :-) but I was a way off. After a while I slid inside her and we ****** for ages but I wasn't ready to ***. She asked I I was too tired, and I told her no. I asked If she minded of I came on her face and she said that she would like that. As I was ready to climax inside her I pulled out and straddled her chest. I stroked long streams of *** all over her chest and face and she opened her mouth to catch what she could. I finished the last, by milking my **** into her open mouth. Then without hesitating I slid back down on top of her and kissed her passionately. I could taste the *** in her mouth and feel the *** on her face. It was ******* hot. We both drifted off to sleep. In the morning it was so hot to wake and see my girlfriend with my *** still there dried on her face. Needless to say what followed next.
I love hotel sex!
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