Miranda & The Warrior By Elaine Barbieri

Yes, I'd be way more likely to read a historical romance book than a modern setting one. This book takes place in 1871 in the Western U.S.

What it's about:

Miranda is a free spirit, who likes to ride boldly on the frontier, unafraid of capture by the Cheyenne Indians. Her father is the prominent Major Thurston, a cavalry officer. She has no qualms about riding off to friends' ranches, telling her father that she has gone to the brook. But one morning, she lies to her father one time too many.

The last thing Miranda remembers is the warrior riding up beside her. Now she awakens in an unfamiliar bed, in unfamiliar surroundings. She is a captive of the mysterious Shadow Walker, one of the Cheyenne's most powerful and ruthless warriors. He gives her to his aunt in order to serve the old woman, but Miranda rebels.

In her eyes, they have no right to kidnap her, then force her to work on top of it. So, Shadow Walker takes her on a journey through the wilderness, testing Miranda's apparently strong will. When Miranda doesn't fetch water, she doesn't drink. When she doesn't cook the game, she doesn't eat.

Surprisingly, to Shadow Walker, it pains him deeply to see her suffer. He has never had feelings like this before, and he doesn't know how to react. Miranda begins to feel the same way about Shadow Walker. Will the young couple be able to find their way into each other's hearts, or will her father's desire for revenge against Shadow Walker's people tear the couple apart?

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I would enjoy that book, too x