Sodas Are Not Part of My Life Anymore

I can remember growing up without sodas. My grandmother called Kool-aid Nectar.  Its funny the orignal name for kool-aid was was fruit slam.

My mother maid lime koolaid for us and my grandmother made grape. sodas were not part of our daily diet. Water was the mainstay of killing a thirst. Kool-aid was a treat.

Somewhere the family values of healthy living went away. I believe it was when my dad died and my mom got married to satans spawn.  Kool-aid was no longer the drink of choice we either had water or water.

It was while at scout camp I learned to like sodas. A down fall that would take me places I would have never thougth of going.

Soda's can be mixed with all sorts of alcoholic beverages.  I really did not like coca-cola unless it had rum in it.  Drinking sodas increased my apetite and so grew my sugar intake.

Serving in southeast Asia in combat I was exposed to agent orange. The affects were an onset of adult diabetes.  Being a stubborn person i kept up my antics of soda driniking not caring for diet sodas. I have had a hard time keeping my blood sugar levels within range.

Recently I made a self challenge to quit drinking sodas. it has been twenty six days since I stopped.  I do drink kool-aid but not at all like sodas.  My apetite  has gotten better in that without the sugar and carbonation I do not have a constand hunger.  I fins sweet things to be obnoxious to my taste buds.  My blood sugar is now into levels I can be proud to let my doctor see.

My beverages of choice are:Water with lemon, unsweetened Ice tea, cherry and grape Kool aid, and Perrier.

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
Mar 13, 2009