There Is No Comparison

Money is merely a symbol, and it often is the root of all modern day issues, where as love for me is a state of being, love is a source of happiness, and the ultimate goal of everyone is happiness. There is not one human being on this earth that doesn't want to be happy, although there are plenty in love with being miserable. If you choose money over love, I feel for you, because your actions were done so out of ignorance. Money is not real, it is a made up system we put linen and metal currency to so as to make it seem real, death destroys one's connection to money, but it doesn't destroy ones connection to love
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

You have a serious talent for writing. Every thing that you write is so beautiful. It's hard to make such profound statements in such a small amount of words...and I definitely agree.

Very nice, I totally agree with you