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I love big men. I don't love big men who dress awkwardly and smell bad. I love men who are well dressed and smell nice, but I love them big. BIG.
I love chubby cheeks on a man. I don't care how old he gets. I have no attraction to the chiseled high cheekbones and square jaws(quite possibly because I cursed with leading-man chiseled cheekbones and square jaw myself-I'm a chick). I love a soft, short, thick neck with a chin or two. They are sooo fun to nuzzle, kiss and nibble.
I love the whole deal. I love men who have big, strong calves that hold up their large bodies, because although they are heavy, they are mobile, strong, adventurous men. I really, really, really love big, soft, squishy bellies. They are perfect pillows to sleep on, watch TV on, kiss, rub...and whatever else one feels inclined to do with them ;-)
I love moobs a lot too. I am not a lesbian, but I enjoy having a set of boobs in the relationship. I don't have much boobs at all and I find man boobs to be wonderful and fascinating. My last boyfriend enjoyed it immensely when I played with his, so I did and the feeling was mutual.
I am not into feeding or gaining or any of that weird stuff. Okay, I admit it's a little sexy to see a man scarf down a meal, but I don't want to intentionally expand him until he explodes and I don't want to "start" with a skinny guy and fatten him up because "starting" with a skinny guy requires HAVING a skinny guy and I don't want one.
Oddly enough, I have no strong feelings about heavy women. I am not one. I am not against them, but I don't find them exceptionally good looking. I just really love heavy men.
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I am a very big guy. But I lift at the gym. I like being a big strong man.

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The heart is what makes us beautiful

I'm a big guy pretty much an identical match to what you've described in your story. But I sometimes wanna lose some weight. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with myself most days and I'm not unhealthy overweight I just would like to loose 20lbs or so. How would you feel about your big bf losing a few pounds but still had his soft thick belly and moobs? Lol

It depends on some factors. I would HATE to be responsible for somebody choosing to be unhealthy and facing an early death. I am not a sociopath. If a man was designed to be smaller, I would not want to stop him from being how God made him. As for my own selfish inclinations, a man does not have to be HUGE to be attractive, just fat. I tried to encourage my ex, who was 400, to lose some weight for health (and car) reasons (he broke my axl), but if a man wants to loose weight for cosmetic reasons, then I am not the best cheerleader for him.

I love your attitude! You rock!

I can respect that no chance on getting an add am I :) love to be your friend

i had no idea there are good looking girls like yourself that actually dig the big men ( not that i really care about looks, i'm more into the personality thing, i know it sounds cheesy but i actually mean it) but whenever am dating a girl that is, in the society's point of view, less attractive i feel like she just settles for me and would run off with a guy that has a better body anytime.I have dated really good looking girls and am always surprised, but it hasn't happened in a LONG time, so thanx for letting me know women like you still exist.

oh, this is almost perfection... want to have my children and lay on my big belly to watch TV in front of the fireplace?

well i am here for you please add me as friend

It's great to read about a woman who likes a big man and all the fun attributes that extra weight brings. Here's wishing you the very best of luck!