Hell Yeah

Sorry but to feel feminine I need to be held by a man who has some girth to him. You have to understand, I love men's bodies, and when there is more, it really is a bonus. Now I don't mean I'd dig Jabba or anything but a belly-to me-is not only sexy but empowering. I feel sexy when I am held by a man with a belly =P I feel desirable in a way I wouldn't were the world's most gorgeous guy holding me. That would give me a complex lol.

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At 6'2" and 250 lbs I think that I'd fit the bill for you perfectly - I've definitely got some girth (and it's still expanding over time).. but why aren't you somewhere that I'd just meet you and we'd be happy ever after? hahaha

i don't want to get down to my old playing weight LOL when i was 19 years old i was 5'10" and only weighed about 135 lbs LOL i'd be happy right now if i could get down to about 200 lbs which is still according to the health nazis about 25 lbs overweight

A slim reed of a man with matching tie and hankie, that catches glimpses of his gorgeous self in every available shop window, is to be avoided at all cost.


Kitty *****!lol

Hey Wendy... Is there something on my head?

Jumps ontop of bears head*taps shoulder* bear looks over shoulder...Giggling kitty!

lucky all i took off was my shirt with all these lovely ladies running around shirtless i'd be the one accidentally poking people LOL

Sheesh, if it's going to be like this, I need my kevlar shirt.

Claws out claw pokes at Rick and Indy then scampers away!

Reddy Teddy!!! We poke!!! Get your poking utensil!!!

How about Scotch? I haven't had a good Scotch since April... Mmmmmmmm.

*poke poke poke*

Hooray for hangers!!!

LMAO Mello !

*Takes tequilla from RedHairedKitty and hands it to Mello.*

*poke poke poke*

I'll only parade around shirtless full of liquor!!!

*puts fut down*

Yeah ...SIKE ! Attacks bear

Shiny , yummy ,pretty bottle of tequila ...drunken kitty staggers over...

OK, some of you women are missing the point of a Shirts Off party.

*distracts RHR with a bottle of tequilla.*

Grab him Mello ...poking yes!

shirt off Rick is in the corner hiding LOL

Are the hangers for poking? hehe.

I like squishy too. Squishy makes me happy. :) Just don't squish me with your squishy.

Tackles Indy *calls to MSP*

Alright, my shirt is OFF!! Ladies? Hangers are in the corner.

MSP what took you so long ?

I got a big butt and I can't deny

Makes it kinda hard when I want to fly


I got a big gut and I can't deny

Makes for a soft hug from this great big guy

I could so use a party!!! A no shirts allowed, Long Island Iced Tea kinda party!

OK, this is rapidly degenerating into a drunken party...

I love it when that happens.

Whiskey comes in kegs too, not just beer.

okay, sounds good...I'll pack it just for variety though, lol.

indy i would say it takes how ever many nuts there are on ep to make a village....oops you said huts sorry

msp i've got a keg wanna party (MnM i'm kidding LOL)

IT kindly remove your foot from my *** LOL

I too prefer the KEG over the SIX PACK!

Good for holding down a crazy MSP... :)

**and that goes for my women too *giggles*