Chubby Love

It's not that I hate skinny guys, I just find chubbier men more attractive. Men who are skinny kinda just throw me off. I mean if a guy fills girl pants better then me, well we have a problem. I'm not a fan of seeing a peeking of ribs nor do I find any sort of attractiveness to a guy with a six pack. I have to say I only love winter if there's a chubby guy at my side, I adore how warm they are and they seriously give the best hugs.

crossbonesandstars crossbonesandstars 22-25, F 6 Responses Jul 7, 2009

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It is nice to read there are girls who prefer men with chubby bodies.

Just came across this story.. I just wish I could find someone just like you who'd love me at my size or even bigger.. I'm definitely good for a cuddle these days and only getting better for it each passing month as I am still growing fatter.. ;-)

Baby you are my kind of woman I look like santa

Im glad to finally meet women here that can appreciate us chubby guys. Thanks!

We fat guys need love too!

If you know what you want, go for it, don't let anyone else tell you diffrent.