I Love My Hairless Package

At first I thought that trimming the forest would be more enjoyable for oral sex, being there wouldn't be a need to cough up a hair or pull some out of your teeth. But since I have shaved now for about three years I have yet to be on the receiving end. I would love to know if it really is more pleasurable as well. Maybe one day I will find out. It probably won't be from my wife though. Oh well...
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7 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I shave all over I hate hair on me.

I haven't shaved my package in 3-4 days and I feel the need. Once I can see it growing it is time. Temperatures are getting a bit higher and it's about time to go naked hiking so maybe I'll take the time to do my whole lower half once again. Don't have diddly but the feeling of just shaved is awesome.

I used to trim very short and decided to shave everything about 2 years ago..a good friend of mine said he did and loved the look and feel of his shaved ****, pubes and balls. So I did it..and like him love the smooth look and I shave every other day in the shower.Looks and feels great

I shave and it feels great to have sex that way. I too want to have a guys clean shaven **** and balls in my mouth. Nuzzling on some clean shaven balls all I can say is WOW

Sitting here naked stroking a **** covered with KY and *** dreaming of the encounters in the woods this summer. Haven't met anyone that didn't love my shaved lower half. Especially since I hike naked with a woody.

I also used to trim my hair so that it didn't look like a forest. One day while trimming, I "accidentally" trimmed too close, the closer i got the better i liked it. Before i knew it I was completely bald and loved my new look and feel. That was about 3-4 years ago.

Have you asked?

I first shaved my package about a year a go.....It looked so good it became a lifestyle choice.

I did a while ago. I shaved my inner thigh but I didn't take to it and stopped. The legs, arms and nipples are the only haired places (head exception) though being fair haired means they do not show up strongly. I thing if I was dark haired I would be body shaving by now.