They Look So Fake And Its Not Attractive To Me

i hate to see women doing so many things to themselves to look "beautiful." fake is not beautiful. overly tan and even orange colored skin is ridiculous looking. getting breast implants is like punching god in the face. and i say that even though i am completely not religious in anyway and dont even know if i believe in god. excessive make-up is unattractive. i dont even like fake nails in most cases. it looks kind of tacky to me. natural beauty is so much prettier.
EdgeCrusher EdgeCrusher
26-30, M
1 Response Apr 4, 2011

With you on this ... there was a Plastic Person at our fave tavern last night, and I was thinking how much work she must have to put into her day, keeping up the image of a Mattel doll. Give me someone who can hold her own in an interesting conversation any day.