I Look Beautiful First Thing In the Morning...

i dunno why this happens but i look so fresh faced first thing i wake up. my skin looks clearer than the night before and i have a perky look about me. when i try and put on make up i look old and strange. i love natural beauty, i love seeing freckles and the texture of real skin not foundation. i hate seeing a beautiful young girl lathered in foundation, the color of carrots. i am mixed race and have a light coffee color, white people have said they like my "tan". first of all it's not a tan, i'm that color all the time. and secondly white skin is beautiful too! i love natural blonds, there is nothing more beautiful than porcelain skin, ice-blue eyes and that fine blond body-hair that catches the light (i think i shall have to move to scandinavia).

Rambina Rambina
31-35, F
1 Response May 9, 2009

Good, I'm happy you think so! You know, I hate living where all around me people are wearing shitloads of make up... I hate makeup, it looks so bad and is so pointless... when will people ever learn to appreciate themselves? To me, if you have to wear makeup, you don't respect yourself.