I Am Nocturnal

I have always had great difficulty sleeping at night, but I find it much easier to sleep during the day. Even as a child I slept better during the day.
My parents had to train me to sleep at night several times. They would train me and then within a week I would be back to staying up all night and sleeping during the day. My mother says that she had to keep me awake all day and then let me sleep all night for over two weeks before I finally kept that schedule on my own.
As a teenager I would stay up all night and then sleep during the day on the weekends. I find myself doing the same thing now. When I don't have to work the next day I stay up all night and sleep all day. Sometimes when I have to work I go a day or two without sleep because I just can't sleep at night. That's why I always try to get a job were I can work nights.
I guess I just wasn't meant to be a day person. I truly am nocturnal.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Nov 28, 2012