I know how you all feel having the chain smoking mothers because i have one too. My clothes, the bedding, curtains... anything that my mum washes, stinks. So i just put it back in the wash hoping she gets the message. I've never tried a single drag in my entire life as i remember one day on a night out someone blew smoke in my face unexpectedly and i breathed the whole thing in. I just remember puking everywhere and having major heart palpitations. It was the most disgusting experience. I could have punched the guy who did it.

There are 8 people in my household and all of them smoke. I have my own room which I reside in 24/7 just to get away from the smoke cloud downstairs. The smoke still seeps into my room through the cracks in the door and i always wake up with a major headache and sore throat from breathing it in all night and morning without realizing. The smoke makes me feel sick and i hate feeling sick all the time. I am trapped and feeling ill in my room all day by people who smoke. This is not a way to live. The innocent one suffers. It's not fair.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
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Good for you Tasmin! Not a lot of people have the strength to quit or have the sense! I really can't see why smokers enjoy it either?

I had the same with my mother saying she smoked because of stress. I smoked for years too but gave it up some time back as I knew it was harming my health.

can't they take the smoking outside? be considerate of the one person who doesn't? And if that doesn't work, install a vent with a fan downstairs like in the bathroom, and whenever they start smoking just turn it on. It bugs them, it bugs you they smoke.

I know my mum always tell me that the reason she smokes is because she's stressed. I think that's the worst excuse there is. I could think of a dozen things right now that can de-stress you and won't kill you slowly at the same time. I think people who smoke that have kids are the more selfish ones. You have to think about what the effects are doing to the children and that you really are going to leave them behind when they are a lot younger than they need to be to lose a parent. I love my mum to bits but inside i hate her for not trying to quit.

its a pain i know..i wish they would just ban the dam thing.its disgusting and bad for u ..ppl just too hard headed to get it...addicts are selfish as hell they just worry about themselves and their daily smoke.UGH