Seeing Me Here Might Give The Wrong Idea

Seeing me here might give the wrong idea, because I write a lot about myself.

When I'm writing, I can go on for hours, writing about myself and my thoughts, but nobody reads what I write. Yeah, here on the internet, random people like you read what I post, but I have notebooks full of my thoughts and feelings that nobody will ever read. The books aren't even hidden either. They're in a topless box on the floor of my closet. I think, deep down, I want people to read them, so see the real me, but I don't want to make people read them.


When I'm having a conversation with someone, what they say is much more interesting to me than anything I could possibly say. I think I know all my friends better than any of them know me, except the ones who read the things I've written on my facebook account or who have actually tried to dig in past my own boredom at hearing myself talk. I'm just way more interested in what they have to say than in sharing what I think. When other people ask me a question, I'll answer it, but then I'll try to turn the focus back on them. I want them to talk, not me. Maybe it's selfish, now that I said it that way, but it's how I feel.

KaBe22 KaBe22
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Thanks!! :) I'll keep writing...I love doing it, but I don't always have a topic or know what to write about when I come here :)