The Media?

Yeah, I think so definitely. There is no way on Earth (for me anyway) that I could get along with people who were so small minded and judgemental. I thikn its the fact that they may think theyre so superior and that everything is below them so what they say goes. The thing is; many people say they are open minded and not judgemental; but what happens if something on the news comes up about a certain group? What do we think then? Even those people that look at the media and claim their open mindedness forget to consider that the media itself id small minded and judgemental' generalising a specific group or such. 
Open minded people above all, are so much more interesting, so much more intruiging and its like a new discovery seeing different perspectives. As with those who arent so open minded well they lack such effective communication. Being open minded makes people think compromising your belieefs or morals but thats an upside down concept. THAT is called influence. You can still consider and give everything some leeway to think about; but it doesnt mean changing. And that, I believe, is the ultimate open mindedness.
Although, I am open to other suggestions ;).
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Jul 17, 2010