Why I Am Soooooooo Happy I Found This Group

This is why I am happy to find other's searching for open minded non judgmental people....

I am a mixed race (mostly black) woman with a red headed white fiance living in the conservative south with a teenage lesbian daughter and i cut myself. I am not originally from the south, I grew up and raised my daughter in a very liberal area of California, we moved to the south last year to avoid certain pending bad things and because my fiance lived here. I have ONE friend here, also not originally from here. People treat the three of us as if we are carrying the black plague in our pockets. My fiance lost all his so called friends when they found out he was bringing a black girl home, my daughter is having a hard time with the kids not excepting her lesbianism, and well i get all kinds of nasty remarks either due to the color of my skin (from both sides, too white for some, too black for others)

so anyway, thats why i'm happy i found this/you

dalesbabygirl dalesbabygirl
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2010