Sharp Dressed Women Is Sexier Than Nudes.

I find a woman that enjoys her femininity more sexually attractive. When she wears skirts, dresses that fit her curves. Has her hair and makeup done is too irrisistable.
Being a closet CD it stirs my envious fem side of me to be in her place.;-)
angiecan angiecan 51-55, T 6 Responses Jul 21, 2011

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I so agree with you!!

yes sure

Absolutely, for example a hint of cleavage showing through the split of a blouse is far more arousing than a naked pair of boobs.

soo true... - agreed

Oh yeah the heels,stocking,baubles,and nail polish...;-)

I agree with you 200%, Angie! I especially like to see them wearing a nice pair of high heels!<br />
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