His Show's Better Than Game Of Thrones

It wasn't a full moon, but he was, by his own admission, "crazy aroused" last night. I noted that even as I heard the familiar ring of a google video chat launch.  I was a little surprised because usually he initiates a written chat first to make sure I can cam.  Crazy aroused, indeed.  I endeavoured to join his hangout only to find it empty. 

I texted him via phone.  "Hey doofus, why'd you leave the hangout?"  No, wait.  I wasn't that mean.  I think I just wrote "Why'd you leave the hangout?!" 

Then I went over to another site where I know he plays and saw he was online there.  So I sent him a chat message.  To my relief, he responded.

milkynips:  WHERE THE **** ARE YOU?  I tried to reply to you on google  Will you jerk off for me? 
him:  I will
milkynips:  oh good.  I'm downstairs.  let me go upstairs. 
him:  okay you invite me
milkynips:  okay  give me a sec.  everyone is watching Game of Thrones.
him:  well do not leave them on my account
milkynips:  I'd rather see your penis
him:  okay i will make it quick.  I think that's fair. Then you have to go back and have family time
milkynips:  si
him:  gotta pee.  invite me.

What ensued can only be described as sex.  You can pretend it was not real all you want, that it was a performance piece like Game of Thrones, in which actors shed their garments and engage in a display of copulation, but the truth is that this man came for me.  I saw the ***** spurting from the head of his ****.  It doesn't get any more real than that.  I watched him and he saw my eager eyes and my delighted smile.  I called out to him - I used his name - and he released the built up tension in his balls into a tissue, a move I hate but he deems necessary to avoid a mess, but then he relented and he moved the tissue, and let me see the creamy white *** flowing from his body.  It was lovely.  It was real.  It was something special between two friends who really love sex, who enjoy the release and who want to share it with someone they like rather than doing it alone or for a stranger.

Don't get me wrong; I am not against film and theatre depictions of sex.  I think they're marvelous.  But given the choice between a film and interacting with a pal, I'll take the pal any time, hands down.  And for the record, my hands WERE down.  Down my pants, I mean.  Rubbing myself as he stroked.  ******* when he told me to.  It was marvelous.  That action preceded his own climax.  Twice.  He always makes sure that I *** at least once before he does.  He does this because he is thoughtful, because he enjoys watching my face as I ******, and because he knows that if he waits until after he's ***, he's not going to have the same focus.  His brain gets stupid once he's shot his wad.

Per usual, I received a thank you note from him within 24 hours.  He's thoughtful like that, an appreciative man.  It's particularly nice because I derived so much pleasure from his performance.  While you sometimes hear actors acknowledge their audiences in interviews or at award shows, they almost never send personalized thank you notes.
milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
Jan 7, 2013