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I once had a girlfriend that had a t-shirt with the same saying as this title. Im not sure why I like smaller boobs to big ones, I just do. To me small is sexy, there just so darn cute and perky. The majority of my friends (and most men I think) seem to prefer the big ole ta tas as they put it, I guess im just weird.

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I just love those small ones, they can be so much fun to play with

Way easier to relax without a bra on when you have small ones.

Women with small **** make better lovers.

Or you could get a sprained thumb.

Anything more than a mouthful is wasted.

I have had big and small and i like them both. small is the best though. and there is only one reason I can see for implants. reconsrution from cancer surgery. Fakos don't look good and don't feel real. why would a woman do that to herself.

I wish I could be small.<br />
Most women who don't PAY for large breasts don't want them.

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Im just telling you what the t shirt said, but I like yours better.