I Much Prefer Small Breasts

When I met my wife she was small, 112 pounds and she had small, perfectly pert little breasts, with hard little nipples, but as she gained weight, they grew as well, and got huge and started to sag, ugh! I have coerced her into loosing weight, and to my delight and happiness, her breasts are shrinking down too, and I'm sure they don't sag as much as they did when she was 25 pounds heavier, she still has a way to go, but I admire her for keeping at it. Will keep you all posted, hell she would kill me if she found out I shared this, glad she doesn't do computers.
loveticklingfeet loveticklingfeet
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

My wife lost 40+ and now her **** are also starting to get smaller. when we first got married she was flat 32a - i miss those tiny ****