My Love Affair With Soap...

I prefer using bars of soap rather than body wash. There is something relaxing about lathering up with a bar of soap. Spinning the bar in your hands, feeling the bubbles... it's almost hypnotic. Much better than squeezing a plastic bottle.
I love the different textures, shapes and scents in soap bars. Pretty delicate shapes, whimsical fun shapes. French milled... Home-made soap... the list is endless. I tuck unopened bars of soap in with the towels and love the refreshing scent it leaves behind.
I do not like sharing my bars of soap though. I'm lucky that the rest of my family prefers body wash out of a plastic bottle.
LayDbug LayDbug
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

yeah, i like hard surface mixed with the slippery foam and water. it creates a nice contrasty sensation.