Heterosexual Women, You Are Valued

I want to give a word of encouragement to the remaining straight women of the world. These days we see so much glorification of bisexual women and outright lesbians. It comes partly from the feminist movement, but I believe more from the *********** industry. What used to be a fringe phenomenon of the glamorization of lesbianism, (mostly coming from images of women selected for their visual appeal to men, the overwhelming majority of whom went home at night to male significant others rather than to other females) has become a mainstream phenomenon through the entertainment industry in the last two decades.

Men who lust after bisexual women are very expressive. This tends to obscure the fact that most men do NOT want to share their woman with other women. Yes, there are guys who will buy women drinks in bars if they kiss other women. But are those knuckleheads the kind of guys you aspire to marry? Even for the men who harbor the ********* fantasy, many would prefer it remain a fantasy and would feel jealous if their woman actually engaged in intimacy with another woman, and even more so if she showed greater enthusiasm with the woman than with him. The survey data I've seen said most men would not forgive a lesbian affair by their significant other. The men who prefer straight women are wiser, too, because bisexual women are known to sometimes run off with their girlfriends, leaving the man high and dry. With a straight woman, when you see her on the phone with her gal pals you don't have to worry over whether something sneaky is afoot.

The silent majority of men who prefer straight women are less vocal, so they are forgotten. But they are out there. So please, women, don't think you have to be bisexual to interest the guys. Be proud of who you are.

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I know you wrote this almost 3 years ago but I found it very helpful to read about this from a male perspective. I am and have always been a straight woman and have no desire to change. I have noticed that there's been a steady increase of bisexuality on TV the last 5 years. So of course I have begun to wonder if this is something men really prefer.

Just because a woman is bisexual that does not mean that she will leave you for a women or for that matter, another man. I am a lesbian and no it's not because of some "feminist propaganda" as what you state. That's actually really degrading to tell someone who went through a lot of pain to discover her true feelings. I never felt attracted to men and hid it my entire life and had boyfriends to cover it up. It made me miserable and after years I decided to be honest to myself and everyone else. yes, I like women and there is nothing that can be changed about that.

On the flip side, I do agree that there does seem to be a lot of "fake" lesbian and bisexual women....basically women who identify as "straight" but advance on other women. The other day I was talking with my straight-identified friends and all of them had admitted that they found the female body more appealing. That appalled me. It made me sad to hear that as well. For strictly straight women, I adore them. I like to hear a different standpoint. It's cool to hear a perspective from a women who loves men and ONLY men because I have never felt that way. More power to straight women though.

-from the other side of the fence

A much needed affirmation. I seem to see promotion of bi sex and lesbianism wherever I go these days. I am getting so sick of it, like it is meant to be normal? You are right about most guys just wanting a straight woman and resenting lesbian affairs. The same goes for most women just wanting a straight guy. The alternative is highly promiscuous and nowhere near as prevalent as their loud mouthed proponents imply.

Nicely written. In our society the lines of 'normal' have become so blurred that to be vocal about not being interested in any sort of relations outside the commitment of fidelity we share ( I speak of my handsome Groom ) has gotten us both into heated arguments with people be both know and those with whom we have simply for one reason or another engaged in conversation.<br />
I mean not to pass judgment on those that do invite additional bed partners into their relationship as it is not for me to judge, but your story here touches not only on the topic of straight women but that of fidelity as well. We have discussed it many times after such encounters and quite bluntly, neither of us is willing to break our commitment, bond of fidelity or taint the pure intimate bond we share. We have laughed and said we are both too possessive (of each other), but the real reason is the core value of who we are and who we are as a couple that finds the idea of such so impossible, for us.<br />
I have no desire to be with another woman, or man for that matter, and I am delighted to say that my Love has absolutely no positive word on the subject of me being with anyone else, period; a feeling that is shared mutually between us as I have no kind thoughts on his being with anyone else.<br />
As for an Avatar I will quote Him – “There is nothing as pure as the look of a solid smooth, round band on a man’s hand to symbolize pure, honest love for his wife and his marriage” (his answer to me when I tried to embellish his wedding band after seeing my engagement ring) - and from that I would propose a photo of a hand holding a hand with a traditional wedding band. Just a thought…<br />