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Whenever my period comes up i wear a maxi pad or a tampon sometimes two (superplus). I wear ladies panties 24/7 so when my period comes a tampon goes in for at least the first 24 hrs (changing on a regular basis) I never wear one longer then 4-6 hrs without changing it even at work and I always sit when i pee even when i have on a pad, my periods last a full six days so i make sure i have pads and tampons on hand at all times. my period started this month (may) on the 18th and will end on the 24th i keep track of when i start and when i stop using a site called i even get a reminder two days before i'm due to start so i have everything ready to start. i buy my own tampons,pads and pantys, when my wife and i go shopping she loves to ask if i need any tampons/pads when were walking pass them then tells me to grab hers to (i prefer kotex she likes always) that gets a lot of strange looks from people around us but we don't care it gives them something to talk about when they get home.
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do not understand the FLOW part but I've got a pearl tampon up my *** now.I put it in before running a bunch of errands(about 2 hrs.) and my panties are stained with precum and it is lovely

great experience

Isn't it great to share the 'monthlies' with your wife! ;-)

Togetherness....I love it!

interesting idea using that site . have to say i never have i like my cycle to mirror that of the lady whose items i am going to wear . given hers can be anything from 24 to 36 days apart i am never sure exactly when mine is coming . however, after 24 days she starts wearing a pad just in case and i use them after her so i'm always "ready" too