Tampons Are Uncomfortable For Me, But I Make Him Wear Them.......

Personally as a woman I think tampons are uncomfortable, the regular pads work better for me. But Leah got divorced from his second wife because she found a box of heavy flow tampons in his panty drawer. BRB I have to finish laughing so I can finish this experience, haha!

I mean hello! The wife knows that Leah crossdresses right? She also knows that he has a panty drawer and God knows what other feminine delights hidden away in his closet, right? So what is so weird about finding a box of tampons in a crossdressers panty drawer? And if she would have rather not known what was there, then why was she being nosey?

I guess I am a very unique woman as Leah often tells me, because honestly I do not understand the prissiness of my own gender sometimes? Anyway I prefer regular pads during menstruation which soon should be a thing of the past due to a woman's change of life.

But every month I get tired of watching Leah mince around the house dressed as a woman apron and all, doing the helpmate chores I have assigned to him. Yet experiencing no menstrual cramps and having little or no thought to my discomfort! So I decided to change that this month!

When I am out of town at work Leah will not just wear tampons all day long. But will change them when I do. I will send him a text message or call you telling you when I do. Now will you change them in real time when I do? Maybe not. But remember Leah because I know you will read this, "what you do not do in the dark, soon comes to light!"

And when I discover your disobedience perhaps a cleansing douche or enema that you are forced to hold. Until I decide otherwise would be an appropriate reminder of my authority over you!

If we are off at the same time Leah which may happen this month, as I am due next week. Do not even consider usurping my authority in this matter! In fact you do an excellent job with doing the laundry and especially the white things.

However even I have observed the little stains in the front of your white butterfly cotton panties that you can not get out. And I gave you those panties Leah, they were my favorite but I wanted you to have them!

Thus believe I will add a panty shield with wings in the front of your panties in the event that your wimpy white little "hydraulic" as you call it, gets stimulated lol! And the heavy flow summer's eve tampon firmly penetrating your sissy south end reminding you of at least part of what I and all females experience.....
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I too love tampons & pads in my panties! Most of the i put a tampon in me & pads in my pantie between my legs & pads across the front to adsorb any leaks. Next is my half slip then my bra & a camisole then my normal shirt & jeans then out to go shopping which I need to do today Macy's lingerie run going to be fun trying on new bras & panties!

I'm glad to hear that you accept Leah for who he is because alot of people nowadays don't really understand

since we have chosen to be feminine or have been forced to be the use of tampons seems appropriate especially if he has filled us with his ***

Try the New Poise Impressa Tampons they feel soo good in !!!!!!!!!!

definitely use tampons after my daily enema.

I definitely think that all sweet little "Sissies" should have to wear a Tampax. Only then can they be allowed to wear their pretty dainties!

Perfect wife!

nice experience!

What does he do with his penis when he wheres his panties?

I love using tampons!

me too

I love tampons in me too and when I can douche myself I do and I love that too I use both tampons and pads in my panties and I buy my own tampons and pads too!!

What do you do with your penis when you put on your panties?

I just tuck it in with my pads between my legs!

So feminine.

I just love wearing tampons. Just a little KY and up it goes. The girly feeling is a rush!!! Must wear a pad in my panties too.

Have you even thought about having him wear one of your used pads

Love to wear kotex pads

I love to wear tampons in me & one between my butt cheeks feels soo good (Kotex Super plus & Playtex Pearl Ultra Tampons) !! I also love my pads in my panties also !!!!

personally i do not see the problem with tampons either for ladies or for us guys who enjoy feminine items . if you get the size right then all should be ok and comfortable

LMAO! As you say in America Life65, he wears them "where the sun does not shine", lol!

You are Awesome Sheba! I LOVE the Control you are Exerting over Leah! More Women will hopefully see what you are doing and do the same to their Males! Great Job!

I wish they would Ms. Patti! But right now in the I am a feminist group I have both feminists and men's rights activists wishing to hang me if they could, lol!