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YES... Please... Just Stick It In Me... Lol

I dont like the cheap ones... dont like the ones that dont have the plastic applicator... I only do one kind and that's it... I've tried others but NOPE they dont work... Like the one in the picture, thts a no go... BUT if I just had to I would... but I dont like it... I like usin tampons because it keeps the "Mess" inside and not out... lol I also feel much cleaner... so yea... I do pads once in a blue moon cause its not good to wear tampons 24/7...but when I wear pads same rules... well I mean it has to be the same name brand... I dont like the big bulky kind... or the super long kind... it has to be just right... like everything else in my life...

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo 22-25, F 5 Responses Apr 4, 2009

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Yes just the right shape,feel,and same brand name. If it makes you feel sexy on those days,all the better. You are already sexy girl.

I too love the plastic applicator tampons they are soo much easier to insert in my mangina & feel soo good in their !! Kotex Super Plus & Tampax Pearl Ultras are just perfect for me !!!

God yes girl the Tampax Pearl super are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

Em nice

i quite agree with you
tampax pearl super plus are the best

lol... Well you should re try it... they work great... you may have had a bad time because you didnt know what you was doin... its kinda like sex... take practice... lol and it really does depend on the brand you use... cause some can suck big time... but knowin I have in a tampon and the blood has stops before it comes out, leaves me feelin much cleaner...

I like big... but only big D!(ks... lol um i change my everytime i pee... and before that too sometimes... but I pee like ever hour or so... So I change them alot... bigger tampons means you can keep it in longer!!?? I'm good on that... I like mines the way they are...