I cannot think of one movie that is better than the book. I was severely disapointed with the "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" movie because it DID NOT stick to the book at all. 1. The weasleys house DOES NOT burn down 2. Where is the romance between Tonks and Lupin?? and 3. Why can't they just read the book anyway. Another one I didnt like was "The Tale of Desperaux". It should NOT have been animated and they totally defeated the ending. The book has a WAY better ending where all the strings get tied but the movie totally surpasses it. I know I sound angry but I'm actually a nice person, I'm just peeved off by Movies trying to ruin the books. >:(
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I know what you mean!

Yep, movies usually get it wrong. Harry Potter movies especially! Grrr! But sometimes they make good movies out of bad books, like The Notebook or The Time Traveler's Wife (I found both books highly unpleasant.)