Lord Of The Rings

Okay let me say i like  the films and love the book the films captured so much of the epic journey

But if your sad enough watch the three movies back to back youl notice the characters change in the blink of an eye. Thats because of the sheer amount of beautiful wonderful imaginitive prose they had to be dropped to fit it into a film. 
The best example is the story of Tom Bombadil shortly after leaving the shire before the hobbits met with any of their protectors theres a scene in the film where they get nearly eaten by trees and have to try free each other. In the original book they fail and are all captured by the trees but a woodsman called tom bombadil turns up and saves them.

What follows is so bizarre that it stands out as being crazy even in the Tolkien world he sings about being the first human and how he was there when the world began then his wife cooks an incredible meal without any food and everybody acts like their high.

This has no impact on the plot or even the characters because its an entire chapter long metaphor for creation and life basicly tolkien took a break from the story to write his own beliefs and phillosophy up in the most imaginitive way he could.  
Also its natures peaceful side thats contrasted with the Ents later on and its the reason we are supposed to be sad for the  deforestation scence at the end

And its a look back at the start of the last world which is dying out and changing into a new world which should happen and is natural but the lessons of the old world should not be abandoned which is THE WHOLE POINT OF THE BLOODY BOOK !!!
But 90% of LOTR fans will never know any of this because to appreciate it you have to read  the wordy difficult style of Tolkien

Im gonna go get some whisky and calm down 
thanks for reading this rant
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If your into any Apocalyptic stories I just finished one that was interesting. <br />
It's called "Rains Of Fire" by Frank John Pace.. it's a E-book found on Amazon.com goes for about $2.99