Oh My, You're Glowing.

There she stood, soaked in mud, over the puddle that had destroyed her new summer dress. She had never seen a puddle so big but she didn’t have time start up a conversation with it. Up the hill, right next door to The Bird Shop, on a green bench is where a young man awaited her, the directions repeated in her head while her feet swam up the hill like two doves in love with the end of the lake.
“Hello Mr Chelo”, the girl gave a firm hand shake.
“Ah, Miss Audry, thank you for meeting me on such short notice” the man stood up, he was awfully tall and didn’t even notice her brown summer dress.
“This is a good start” she thought and they sat down together.

Mr Chelo was from Spain and had brought with him something from Audrys home town in Cuenca. Her mother had sent packages to her before but nothing had ever looked so strange. She opened the seal to the parcel and ended up with a miniature chest in her hands.

“Your mother says she needs your help to open this, when you are done you are to call her immediately, that is all.” Mr Chelo said and left.
He had been with the family for years before Audry had even been born and she had always been scared of the manner in which he dealt with business but soon grew to understand that he was simply a professional with no time for anything, not even a swim in summer- luckily since then she had forgiven him for not jumping after her sandwich that day by the lake.

Since there was no letter or note attached she was confused and the only other thing that Mr Chello had instructed her to do was open it alone at night.

“Cool, I can handle this.” She announced out loud to add to the pressure of such grave responsibility.

Soon enough night fell upon her bedroom and she prepared herself for the grand opening. She did what every brave 34 year old lady would do and created a cave made out of sheets and her duvet hanging from some sticks held together with pegs. She got a firm grasp on the two handles of the chest and pulled them apart, almost immediately.

Now hear me out this might sound strange, she recovered to find a glowing worm in the box. It walked about in all it’s magnificence for a while and suddenly turned into a steel chip that shot into the ceiling and bounced right outside the window, leaving only but a tail of disappearing dust behind. Audry was shocked and wandered what was in the water she had had earlier on and she tried to run after the chip but the energy for that soon became a dream as she fell asleep in her garden.

Mr Chelo and Audry had arranged to meet the next day but Audry had a bigger problem than being late, so it seemed. Smoke was in the air and it wasn’t small cigarette like, it was more barn fire like.

“My house!”
She thought.

She darted towards her front door but it seemed to take longer than usual.
5mins passed, she ran.
10mins passed, she ran.

An hour had passed, she walked.
The smoke had stopped. The panic of it all arrived a little late but she made up for that. Seeing as she was so exhausted from the heat, she fell on her back like a plank of wood and yelled for help. Then she yelled just because she could. She realized no one was around and that she actually fancied daisies.

After doing everything that one could possibly do in a daisy field she felt that it was about timet to do the only thing one shouldn’t do in daisy field, but a familiar steel chip showed its shiny face just in time. Sure she had been stuck out in the sun for hours but boy oh boy she ran after that chip. The daisies nearly turned into pop corn like that TV ad with the fast car that dives through a corn field. Alas, there was no pop corn and she suddenly found herself running in an unfamiliar place.

She had lost track of the chip but she was still running, and surprisingly enough she was loving it, even more so than the daisies. At the finish line stood a tall judge that kind of looked like Mr Chello. She decided to call him Mr Chello number 2 . After Mr Chello number 2 awarded her a golden medal, she was so excited that she fainted, what a day for a little lady like herself.
Audry awoke to the smell of smoke and sprung right up. It was her mother.

“Mother, what are you doing here?” Gasped Audry.
“Mr Chello said that he came to see you and you weren’t home, I got worried so I came to visit and found you in the daisy field. I take it you found out how to open that box? ” asked her mother as she served up some sweet waffles.

“I did but it was empty” said Audry as she tried to remember the days happenings.
Her mother handed her the box and insisted she take another look.

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