Long Live Whatever It Was 'based On'

I love movies, but I love reading more, and movies never seem to capture the essence of a book right. And they very rarely ever represent characters the way they are in the book, which peeves me no end. Then there's the 'best bits' that are never in the final edit. The fact that 'based on' now seems to mean 'we googled the book and read about it on Wikipedia then did whatever we wanted'. The ending is usually all wrong, the dialogue is different, and lord only knows what else they decided to tinker with. And it makes me super cross. Don't make the movie if you don't indend to be faithful to the book.

The book is 99% of times better than the movie (yes, I did fail intro stats at uni... this may be why :P lol).... I loved the movie Toy Soldiers but the book? Wow. Then there is Kiss the Girls and Along Came A Spider where hello, Morgan Freeman????? He's about a million years too old to play Alex Cross. Along Came A Spider? Did they even read the blurb for that one???? Twilight, The Bourne Identity, Blood Work, The Man in the Iron Mask, any and all of the awful Three Musketeer movies (except for that one with Keifer Sutherland, that was just hilarious), allllll the Harry Potter movies (ok, they are fun, but the books are always supremely better). They were all better books.

The only exception I can think of is The Jane Austen Book Club... I read the book, and it was good, but the movie was just far less exclusive of those who can't speak French lol.

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Flags of our Fathers.....Now that was a great book...ea the movie was great.....But the book......Was so much more than the movie......The movie just barly scratched the book.....the book told you just how those men got to the point that they were in....And I learned lots that have never been in the history books.....I guess that is the bad part of history.....You are just learning about the stories...ANd you are getting the story the the history book writer wanted to say...and what he thought was important....

On a totally unrelated aside....i think i may also be a little infatuated with Chow Yun Fat.

Ive read it like 5 times already aurora (he he love your taste in literature) and seen the film too.<br />
I have to admit I'm a total sucker for all stories of a Chinese background. They are so beautiful in prose and imagery. I guess thats why its so disappointing to watch the movie sometimes, when they fail to match the visuals you have created in your head.

Oh yea - I have to add my vote for Lord of the Rings - couldnt read it - barely got past the first few chapters - but LOVED the movies.<br />
Id lend you my copy of Memoirs - totally get your hot little hands on it - its amazing.

That is so true Mamma570, Lord of the Rings was an incredible achievement. It was a huge undertaking and they managed to turn out something very authentic and breathtaking, but also easy for someone who has not read the books to watch, and that is a huge acheivement in itself for a series of books like this one. <br />
<br />
Emerald, that's true! The Danielle Steele movies are very faithful reproductions. Yeah, you're right, it probably has a lot to do with her having an influence over how the film is made... she seems like a very strong lady lol. <br />
Oh lord yes, Twilight the book blew me away, made me cry, swept me up. The movie was just bland, very much 'I'll take the dog' LOL. I also disparage their choice for Edward :S and probably Bella too.<br />
They do butcher everything in Hollywood, and the first thing they go after is the characters... it seems to be a 'who's hot' thing rather than a 'who's perfect for this role' thing. Which is sad.

Danielle Steele's movies are an exception, too. But I think SHE has a say in them NOT butchering up her books. And that's exactly what Hollywood does to books... BUTCHERS them! I totally agree with your assessment on what they did to the Alex Cross character! Uggggh! <br />
And Twilight SHATTERED me! According to the book, I was rootin for ol Edward all the way! When I watched the movie, I was like... dayum, I'd take the Dog!!!!! :D

I tend to agree with you .I think Lord of the Rings is another exception.A mammoth task to interpret , loads to try and encompass visually but managed beautifully without compromising the book. Incredible achievement, in my opinion.

I've seen it, but I haven't read it... Always wanted to though. I'm glad that they could cut the content down without ruining the feel of the book, it was such a beautiful and moving film. It's good to get a surprise like that now and again lol!

Have you seen/read Memoirs of a Geisha? The movie missed out heaps of the book - kind of necessary really - but I felt the movie really captured the atmosphere of the story which I was impressed with. I was all ready to be disapointed but was pleasently surprised!