Kills the Imagination.

I find that books tend to be more detailed and more engaging than movies do. Movies also tend to miss bits, particularly when it comes to longer books, and it's always the good parts that they skip.

When I read, I create versions of the characters in my head - what they look like, mannerisms, so on. If I see the movie, my characters will always end up being replaced by the actors. This is particularly annoying when it's a crap actor.

My own imagination does a better job than Hollywood ever could.

spektor spektor
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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I feel very resentful when I read a book and have an image of the people, then see the movie and then re-read the book and the characters now look like the actors and my brain just wont shift back! Espesh annoying if the way I imagined them they were better looking!