Hate Holds Too Much Emotion And Power Lol

Hate takes a lot out of you lol so you will never hear me saying I hate somebody haha
Ill just say something like 'Oh i dont really care for that person'
lol or 'their alright' lol haha something like that lol enjoy and thanks for reading:]
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2012

It takes too much energy and effort to hate someone. If the person is that horrible, they are not worth it. Better to just be indifferent.

Well said. I probably suggest that some people, with whom I don't get along very well, are somewhat lacking in their ability or willingness to allow logic to play a part in their decision making process. But I usually avoid saying that I hate them.<br />
<br />
As you've said, hate is a full time job. It's too much work. I'd prefer to channel my energy into something else.

English please koal bear haha,and true lol well said as well:] good hearing from you again lol:] ttyl:)

English? Sorry, I'm an Aussie, I only know Aussielish.