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I am now a 50+ yo guy and fairly normal but when I was very young 5/6yo I was regulally dressed as a girl by my mother and older sisters I had fair hair which was left to grow and was very slim, I always wore girls pants all the time even later on at school and at home had to change in to dresses or skirts and blouses at home, I was sexually treated as a girl which included going with male friends of the family and other girls, I cant say I was abused as I did enjoy the attention and later on the sex. I am now in my 50`s and unfortunaly through diabetes totally impotent but still have an active mind.
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Great to here you had a great life.

HI there

I wish I had a sister who could have dressed me as a girl- I am a closet cross dresser and I am at college and studying at university. On our college social calender we have a few times per year where it is possible to dress as a girl and I try too- those nights are always great where we break social norms.

Transgender people come in both sexes. At a very early age, Transgender boys and girls have there own sense of gender. It works both ways. When I was a boy, mothers taught their sons never to hit girls. Boys are naturally more physically agressive than girls, not because they think girls are inferior but because they are bigger and stronger. They challenge other boys as well.That's why mothers and fathers raised there children to respect girls because they are special. The gentler sex,not inferior but just different. That's the way to raise boys and if they are abusive to their sisters or other girls they can be properly disciplined in the same way they have been for generations.A good spanking is in order. Emasculation isn't a solution. It's just plane humiliation.

Though many would consider your experience abusive I do not, unless the age difference of you male partners made it illegal and thus rape. But like many of us that were sexually curious with or peers it was just a moment In time where we were discovering ourselves.
I'm so sorry to here that you are limited. But happy that you have a healthy mind

Hmm, interesting story. It sounds as if you were actually forced to dress as a girl, as if you had no choice in the matter. If this is the case then I feel that I want to say that I'm sorry. A child should never be forced to do anything; it should be their choice. My son Curtis has the choice to dress how he wants. He chooses to dress as a girl and is encouraged by me and his dad really only through our acceptance of his choices. Please feel free to express more of how your experience made you feel as a child and how it has made you feel as an adult if you'd like.

At five I wanted to dress like my sister and even tho she kept catching me many times, I just kept doing it cause I wanted to. I would dress in her clothes and sit in her room so she would see me in her clothes and finally she got fed up with me. She took all my boy clothes and threw them away and replaced them with girls.My mom saw me dressed, lauged and said I made a great girl. So I dressed like a girl all my life and enjoyed most of it.
Today I still dress full time as a girl.

That's great. Obviously you had an understanding and caring mother, along with you older sisters. But it sounds like, even with diabetes, you are having a wonderful life, starting when you were 5/6 yo. I started a little later than you, I was about 7 yo ... that is if you don't count being brought home from hospital where I was born in baby girl clothes because my parents were so certain I was going to be a girl.

Before I was born, my mother had 2 sons and a daughter. She thought that she'd even out the numbers and have a girl. So, she went out and bought all girl baby clothes. Of course, we weren't rich, so I started life wearing the girl clothes:)))

i couldnt do that to any child my sister and her boyfriend put makeup and **** on his 3 year old boy and post the pics on the internet and my cousin and her mom dressed up her little brother in dresses and night gowns and makeup and let him play with barbies until he was 12 i just would be happy with a son and dress him as he was born now when he hit his teen years if he came to me and said mom can i have makeup and dresses or girls pants i would say sure but unless you are with me or at home the makeup except eyeliner and the dresses must not be worn until he is much older

As parents we all fear for our child's safety and well being. And that I agree make up is an age appropriate expression. And do applaude you for your compassion in if your child were older and transgender. But let me try to explain "putting clothing that society deems incorrect for a boy" is not only not harmful but is a huge social hippocracy, we've been putting girls in "boys" clothing for more then three decades and find it quite normal and up lifting. The reason you have concerns is in part what will people do to your son, but also an affirmation that being feminine is somehow derogatory if you are male. Child at a very early age now who they are. If a boy is put into girls clothing and rebels it is because of the reinforced stereotype that girls are less then boys. Without that reinforcement a boy will go along with the play and move on to other activities they may prefer if they don't find it fun. Society needs to stop the gender abuse it administers by denying the possibility of fem boys to be accepted. If we don't start down that track yes boys gay or feminine will continue to be abused.

I don't think it's social hippocracy. Aside from the social disadvantages such as job opportunities, girls have always been allowed gender flexibility such as Tom Boyism because it's natural for them and it's respected. Boys on the other hand are not given that flexibility Boys in school who are regarded as "sissys", have a real problem socializing with other boys and even some girls. It's unfair but that's the way it is.

It's only the way it is because we allow it to be! And by natural, you telling me that some girls are "born" with Tomboy qualities, but ever boy is only born with masculine qualities? It very much is social hipocracy based on primitive ritual that demands males to be strong provider protectors. It was once though that women could only be mothers and wives and should a women desire more from life she was chased by law and stigma, the way a feminine male is. Fortunately your antiquated thought process is being cast out of existence by the growing numbers of people who are beginning to understand gender is not between the legs, it between the ears. And those who place social gender restrictions on the sex of a person are becoming extinct in the western worlds.

Well written - I do agree with the direction you are coming from - I just wish some parts of the world would hurry up and accept it.

Even in what I believe to be modern coup tires there are still so many that hang onto the ways "they" are used to and deplore any kind of change that is nontraditional. And with even more cultures in the east hanging on to archaic and even barbaric behavior, the reluctance is understand able. But plate for is, just like all girls don't want to be mothers and housewives, not all boys want to be provider protectors. In all parts of the gender spectrum, humanities should allow each their own individual expression of their gender, and your sex should never be an anchor to that gender.

I don't think it will ever be. Although I DO think your concept is right.

I'm sorry that you have to see the glass as half full and that possibility does not exist. It was once thought that the world was flat, that men couldn't fly, that black men weren't but half a man, that women shouldn't vote, that man couldn't stand on another heavenly body. I think you might find life a bit more desirable and rewarding if you were to stand on possibility rather then be dissuaded by doubt and negativity.

I remember growing up, I had a cousin who was very Tom Boyish as she got older, she became intensely interested in automobile mechanics. She WAS a good mechanic, I might add. She never got married but she had a girl friend that she was close to. She was greatly admired because of her personal strength and forewardness.
Looking back now, I realize that that she was probably a Lesbian. However, it was never suggested within the family. If she were born a boy and had feminine tendencies , he would probably be made fun of in school and had a difficult life. Why the hypocracy? I don't know. It doesn't seem fair:(

And this is and always has been my point. I understand that we live in an unfair world. And that I might be this way for some lesson we don't understand yet. I just know that the person that I am can see this hipocracy and feel it exists unfairly and gets proliferated continually by those that believe that under no circumstance should a boy ever be feminine as it will make him less desirable in profession and in love. And we do this because we feel that even the liberalist among us some who holds on to some reticulum is notion that men have to rule the world and not molding a boy to be their in the ruling class hurts what can be accomplished by society. And that is why they think it's abusive to put a boy in a dress and teach him what a girl might feel like. We in today's society will celebrate girls and women like your cousin, because even though they are lesbians, (which through the gay pride movement has allowed gays and lesbians to become almost main stream) they are creating in themselves and other male like attitudes garnering a more admirable posture. Until we value emotion and nurturing as much as we do courage and power it is going to be this way.
It's actually amazing to see when speaking with people who are "straight" and know who and what I am, they will admit to me that they admire me for my "strength" and "courage" rather then just my emotional need to care for others and my desire to be pretty. As if those typically female traits were some how of no value to the world! I understand and agree that is may be courageous for me, or anyone else to be who they are. And I appreciate that the world is starting to get it, but it's still that measurement of the acceptable strive for power and success else have no value mindset. :)

Btw ib really enjoyed talking with you about this as you seem to really listen.

i dont disagree with dressing your kid how ever you want i just disagree with the posting of the pics on the internet after i wrote that i thought wait its no different than my mom letting me dress like a boy and play with boy toys most of my life so i was the wrong one in our family my brother is more fem than me

There is no question posting pictures of children is questionable, especially if they are dressed outside their genders. And as you note you dress like a boy and played with boy toys, and I'll if nothing else society considered it cute and possibly in our more fem progressive culture non repressive expression of your inner desire. It just so happens two photos that capture our (societies) opinion on this matter. One was of an adorable little girl who was dressed in "Daddy's" hat, white shirt and tie. Oh the gushing over this progressive little girl who will (because of not being limited to only looking "pretty in pink") grow up to be a strong willed independent woman and of course the accolaids that followed the photo were enormous.. Now contrast that with the photo of the little boy who wanted to wear (and did after being warned by mom) pink zebra ballet flats. My opinion that shoes were to die for! (another story) But the condemnation the mom got for letting her SON wear something so feminine, after all this was paramount to abuse and could possibly cause him to be gay... The double standard we place on our children need to stop if we ever want out boys to be treated as equally as we treat our girls. Thanks so much for see it!

i would take a picture of the boy and the girl he is playing in shoes having fun it isnt him painted up like a cheap hooker in a skirt for babies that shows his butt i didnt even know they made skimpy baby clothes until i saw my step nephew dressed like a show girl and the girl is wearing a tie and shirt i have seen singers do that female ones to me nothing is wrong with boys playing dress up and getting pics done as long as they dont look like a cheap hooker if they wouldnt do it to a baby girl then how is it fair to do it to a baby boy clothes should all be unisex whoever wants to wear them can but it should never be forced

OMG, have you not seen the Pageants where the little girls are dressed up like Britney Spears (I like Britney, but she is an adult) and do dance acts that were meant for strippers!? What ever happened to the beautiful little girl outfits young ladies or even certain little boys would looks so adorable in? And talk about dressed like cheap tarts, what about that "Honey Boo Boo". These things are all mainstream with photos everywhere on the net providing ************ materials or in some way putting that or other children in danger.It is disgusting that adults sexual children and I think, is one of the reasons it's seen as bad if boys do girlish things or where girlish outfits as the stereotype is that men sexual women thus a boy in a dress is in some way sexual. As for unisex clothing, by all means, if more of that were available and fashionable great, unfortunately in today's world unisex often means looks more like a masculine outfit then a feminine one. My tastes are more feminine are as I'm sure many little boys and girls. We as a society are so hypocritical when it comes to gender expression. I'm hoping to get a blog with the photo contrasts of the boy and girl wearing opposite gender clothing, people need to see how others react so opposite to this matter and how wrong it is.. And way thanks Gloria Jean, write me any time.

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