I am A Reward...

You are My object of Desire and could be of any shape, gender and inner mind.

I am a strong Woman whose affections are not to be toyed with. My mind is as sharp as a razor.

You will see Me and you might want Me... but The Dance is a mysterious tryst and I know the final step is you in My thrall.

You will follow My Lead.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Always best to let the pot simmer for awhile.

Lady, I am intrigued. Allow me to remove the layer of dust from these underused brain cells...

I had a quick perusal of your profile... you seem to like risky behaviour. I'm afraid married men don't interest me. Apologies.

Lady, no apologies necessary. I was only looking to converse with you. Your words awakened a part of my brain that has sadly gone unused for some time. I understand how I must appear to you. Unfortunately, I have only displayed but one facet of my true self; in this case one that is undesirable. Be well.

Thank you for your fond respect.

All the world's a stage...

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A TOTALLY strong attitude! Gotta love it!