I Love To Swallow ***...

I love ***** and love giving ******** and if am going to suck someone's **** I expect him to ***. There's nothing worse to have his **** go limp and not get rewarded.  xoxo
cumslutannie cumslutannie
51-55, M
6 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Big Thick **** and a creamy load makes me happy **********!

hi ! that would be frustrating ! :-)

I love working a hard **** with my lips and tongue. The jerks and noises a man makes as his *** is shooting in my mouth is awesome. I swallow it all down and then very gently bathe his softening tender **** getting any remaining ***. Yes I am a *** swallowing **********.

It's so fun being a *** ****...

I love the act of sucking a ****. They just feel so natural in my mouth. I love to hear myself making slurping noises on a ****. Then I get the prize of a huge load of *** in my mouth. Sometimes I swallow it straight down and sometimes I move it around in my mouth before swallowing it. Being a sissy *********** *** **** is great

hi every one im to a *** ****

i agree

I would love to swallow everything drop you have... you can always send me some xoxo