I've Never Done Anything But Swallow.

I'm surprised there's no guy's or trannie's stories on here. I hope no-one minds if I'm first.

I love sucking **** and I love having guys *** in my mouth. The only time I ever spat was the very first spurt; after that it came too thick and fast for me not to swallow, and it turned me on so much I licked up what I had spat out and swallowed that, too!

I love that little warning you get when a guy's **** goes really hard and rigid, sometimes getting noticeably bigger. Then you know he's about to pop. I like to hold the head of his **** just inside my mouth so I can feel and taste it on my tongue and filling my mouth. I also love the anticipation of not knowing how hard a guy will *** - and that goes however many times you suck the same guy. Some spurt really hard, the *** shooting into the back of your throat. Some pump it in waves over your tongue - I like that a lot. Some guys *** a lot, some only a little; I like it either way, though a lot is really yummy.

Possibly my best ever was a guy who asked me if it would be OK to *** in my mouth. I looked up and said "Yes, please!" I thought he meant he was going to *** any moment, but it was a good 5 minutes before he did, and then he moaned and his *** came in one long flow over my tongue. That was delicious!

I'd love to hear the ladies' thoughts on this.

I could sure do with a nice, hard **** right now!

56-60, T
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

If I let any dribble out, I always lick it up! I know it is a great turn-on to let a guy who has just *** in my mouth see a little dribble - it's even more of a turn-on to wipe it off your chin with your finger and make a great show of licking it off! Try that for your hubby, funseeeekrr. X

Yes, me too! Although I'd be very happy to put my head between your legs and sniff those sexy blue panties. Would they be moist from your *****? Then I'd press my tongue against them and taste you through them!<br />
If there's one way to get a mouthful of another man's *** that's better than sucking it from his ****, It's licking it from a woman's hot, wet *****!