The Joy Of Swallowing

I'm a girl, and I have never had a problem with swallowing. I became addicted to c*m the moment I tasted it the first time around age 10.

I do so love the taste and the feel of it in my mouth. It tastes so sweet and warm that I don't hardly notice any bad taste at all, well maybe occassionally.

Swallowing makes me feel closer to my lover. I was raised that it was unladylike to spit, although spitting, or removing something from my mouth, is something I would do with some thing or someone I didn't care about. I would just do it in a manner not spitting, maybe into a klenex if it tasted that bad.

My only problem is that there is never enough c*m! Oh, I do lke it.

I love to suck on a big, hard c*ck and it's wonderful when it shoots out like a rocket. I love tasting and feeling his c*m shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I might even swish it around in my mouth to get the full taste treat before slowly swallowing it.

It's not that so bad, it's maybe 5 seconds of a bad taste in your mouth for some. So, I love to swallow c*m! Sometimes it tastes wonderful and I savor it. There are  sometimes it might not taste so good and I'll quickly swallow it. Either way, I like my reward, I work hard for it and I won't waste it.

Well a labor of love, not really working hard. I love to give ******** more than anything. Somehow I don't feel complete unless my lover c*ms in my mouth. It is incredibly sexy to me. It's not really about the taste, it's more the idea that I have completely satisfied him.

Let me tell you, I do love c*m! I can't get enough of it! I love the way it tastes, the way it feels, and the way it smells

Maybe it's like eating oysters, the first time it's uncomfortable but it's worth it. Give me c*m over oysters any day!

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I was 10, he was about 12.

you first taste of *** was when you were 10 who the **** was the pevert and was he an old man<br />
at 10 your only a child

very very nice story. Thanks for sharing sadly there arn't more girls like you out there

im 1 of them