Sleeping with clothing, swimming with clothing, hottub in clothes. Just not fun. Believe it or not, hiking nude, gardening nude, doing the dishes nude, all saves on laundry and makes clean up quicker. Some days, I wish we did not need clothes all together.

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7 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I live as a nudist and so does my girlfriend of 10 years. Our friends and neighbors accept our living too. (we live in a high rise apartment building) :) :)

I could not agree more with you. I find myself not sleeping with clothes, walking around our house nude, doing little chores around the house nude. I find when I do put clothes on for work or running errands I am constricted an ill at ease. Wish I did not ever have to wear clothes

Thanks for the towel Myo. I forgot mine and needed to sit down.

LOL, Mayo! I should garden nude! I'd make a cheaper scarecrow! ;D

Oh, I's a towel for you! =)

True. But I have eyes and I don't always embrace what I see. :/

I am right there with you.