Initial Hernia Exam I

I had to see my private doctor because of acute pain in my groin. The pain was constant, more pronounced when I coughed; and I could feel movement when I coughed , as well as a feeling of something moving in-and-out in my right groin area whenever I coughed. I arrived at my doctor's office, and waited for her in the examining room. She knocked and entered. She is tall and thin, not too young, and she asked me several questions and I told her that I could feel some movement in my right groin whenever I coughed, and that my left groin area was tender. That morning, I had looked in the mirror and saw that my right groin area was noticeably larger than the left. She then told me to drop my trousers. She looked at me and said my right side was larger. She then moved her stool closer for a better look to examine the area. The right side is about twice the size of the left, she said, confirming my suspicions. She palpitated my scrotum and testicles and then had me turn and cough. Then she had me bear down hard and cough, after which she said that I had a right inguinal hernia that needed surgery as soon as possible. The left side needed attention as well, as she could feel a break through in the incision of the 1985 surgical right inguinal repair area. She said no long driving or heavy lifting. She would have the front desk arrange an appointment with a surgeon. I will see the surgeon for a consult in one weeks time.
breakermorant breakermorant
70+, M
May 9, 2012