Being Natural Down Below

is the best thing I ever did. Stop shaving that is!

I love myself so much more this way.

angelinadee angelinadee
26-30, F
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A woman is so much more feminine and powerful with a full bush - she should shave it for no man.

natural is best, your awesome

I keep mine unshaven mostly because I'm not out looking for relationships or boyfriends. But I always thought that if I were to get a boyfriend I'd shave it then..But now don't know. I don't really care...If its hairy or not. Just some guys prefer it not hairy. I'd love it if hopefully I can find a guy that likes the public hair and not have to make me shave it.

You sound quite lovely. Assuming ages were closer, of course, if I met a lovely woman such as yourself, I would not only desire her to be completely unshaven, but would wish to deny her to shave her body from the point things got serious forward. It's a beautiful site and avoids so many problems that shaving instruments can create. Well done. *hugz*

The more hair a woman has between her legs, the sexier she is. I absolutely love a woman with a dark bush that's untrimmed - a shaved crotch is not appealing.

Like your photo, and I like your attitude. Unshaven is best, just like the original design. More grown-up and feminine. Another luscious female attribute to play with. And the hair tends to hold that incredible aroma that cranks me up a few notches.

Natural best XXXXXX

Natural hair is beautiful. I wonder why modern women give up the treasure.

I also love the feel..........the way all of that lovely hair hold and embraces your scent........the way it fr<x>ames your vulva.........labia..........the way your **** peeks out from beneath..........begging to be your natural fur feels against my skin......

*hugz* :)

I love a girl who doesn't sexy as she spreads her legs............I love that look so much.

Alright angelinadee, now I'm curiouse. I checked your pics, they are great, but don't really .....

angelinadee, you look great with the natural arm pits. I love the natural look of a thick pubic bush and armpit hair. Not only is it natural to have body hair but its sexy as well. I enjoy seeing a girl with hair around their bottom too.I don't like the shaven look at all.

That is so wonderful ,I do love a nice big thick bush to play in it is much more exciting than a bald ***** .

Good for you, angelinadee!!! You're a woman after my own heart. Just so you know... not all of us guys are into the "little girl look", even though it seems that a good deal of you girls seem to think we are or prefer it. Not the case. It depends upon the guy, so please pass that on to your girlfriends whenever the subject may come up in topic of conversation. To me, as guy, the human female form is the most beautiful creation on the face of the planet. Case in point... she is used as the subject of much of the world's great art. But her beauty and form are incomplete without her pubic forest intact. For me, the more she has, the more "blessed" she is and the more excited I get. <br />
<br />
Just my opinion. I know other guy's, and girl's for that matter, will differ. But thank you so much for being a woman! You are now my new heroine. (Oh... and for what it's worth to you... you are a Knock Out lady)