I Never Get Sick Of Looking At Pictures Of Female Pubic Hair!

How can anyone not adore a nice big bush. God made curvy fertile women with big bushes because they are so sexy. Shaved ******* are a huge disappointment - they either make the women look pre-pubescent (yuk - like underage!!) or it just minimises some thing that should be show-cased. All the best masterpiece paintings have really nice frames! I also like women's hairy armpits and even hairy nipples!
gavmac gavmac
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

It's the triangle for me too. The thicker the bush the sexier it is. shaved just turns me right off<br />

Here, Here. Well stated... on the bush at least. The female pubic triangle makes a woman complete and you are so right... it's sexy. I keep hoping the current fashion trend will run it's course and women will get back to the thinking that they don't want to look like they are 12. But as it seems to be that much of the human species seems to be trend followers, I fear that it will take a celebrity or female musical star that the female gender looks up to..., like Lady Ga-Ga or someone of her standing, to support getting back to "basics" for it to change. <br />
Women have hair! It's sort of the female equivalent of a guy having balls. In my very humble opinion, of course.

I totally agree with you!