Women With Pubic Hair Are The Best

For the past 27 years since I've been sexually active, I have never been with a woman that didn't have pubic hair. I did meet a woman who was shaved and found it repulsive as she looked like a prepubescent little girl down there. I don't understand why anyone would shave etc their pubic hair. It looks repulsive to me in my opinion. So anyone that says smooth or bald or whatever you want to call it looks sexy I believe has a ********** tendacy. I like being with a woman not a little girl
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Well stated. I couldn't agree more. And I just don't get it the current fashion trend that's been going on for the last 20 years or so. So far, I've only encountered two women that have been bald and I've either lost, or couldn't achieve, wood because of it. I'm single and currently uninvolved and I'd love to find a playmate who has a massive, untamed and fully intact bush, a la Maria Schneider in Last Tango In Paris, to share intimate encounters and nipple and shower sessions with. <br />
As far as I'm concerned... Women have hair; little girls don't.

I\'m glad there are men like you around!

And I am glad that there are women like YOU around, Celine! You have NO idea. Thank you for being you on this. You are a woman after my own heart. :)
Do me, and all the other guys who feel as I do, a favor and whenever the topic comes up in conversation among you and your girlfriends, PLEASE tell them that there are many guys out here that don\'t like women to look like they\'re 12.

I\'ll \'spread\' the word!

Thanks, Celine. Much appreciated. For myself and all the other guys who feel as you and I do; that is... women have hair. Little girls don\'t.

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