The Tranquility and Serenity of Privacy

Writing for me is a regular-if not daily occurence. I wouldn't necessarily call it "work", as I don't earn any money for it. For me, writing is a outlet and a form of expression. I write poetry, short stories, and essays. I left school with respectable marks, so I would consider attending university. The only thing that prevents me from doing so is my overwhelming desire to rebel and not conform. At school, I was a learned student,  though I often disobeyed the rules and went about my business they way I desired-without consideration for regulations or certain conventions. Everything was my way.

I realise that at college and university you are enabled with more freedom and they treat you like an adult, they don't enjoy or exploit the power they have over you like some school teachers do.

Anyway, back to my writing. If the house is silent and empty I usually don't just restrict myself to the desk in my bedroom, I embrace the equanimity and placidity. I find that  unsanctioned intrusion is a distraction, and the questions about what I'm writing about irritating. In order for to concentrate and derive pleasure from what I'm writing, I must be alone; I must be away from another persons view.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2012

I hear you so clearly , I like where you come from. The fact that you have learned so many,,many things in your life, a short life really. I hand it to your Mom and Pop I assume , who sent you off with the wisdom and understanding anyone could hope for. Please become my friend here on EP , plenty times I need advice. Are you a strong believer in Christ ? Sorry to be so bold and open here on a forum but I do get alittle carried away. What is it you will do with your life I wonder ???

Your an extrodonary young man and so much to give to this world. You seem very balanced which should be sought after..a genius . I hope you are not giving into the arrogance , lest face it ,..when you know your a cut above that point you Lead but remember you follow God. Your a good boy too ! Sorry but I am 67 and amazed at your intelligence and understanding , more than the average bear. My granson is very bright , younger than you but very bright. Wants to go into the Airforce , special services.

This comment is quite something, I appreciate it greatly. The point you convey is indeed an astute one. But, in all honesty those whom I admire have never succumbed to the assumed role of superiority over others who are less intellectually endowed than them. By becoming arrogant you diminish what bit of discernment you have, a very important asset in my opinion. Good luck to your grandson, I hope he succeeds in his ambition. And, of course, thank you for this incredibly sweet and encouraging comment.