I Always Hated Working In A Group


Anytime a teacher put me in a group with a bunch of people I always hated it. I didn't like working with people because when they were suppose to be working they were always to busy talking. And me being socially awkward i would never feel comfortable around a whole group of people.

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Same here

I have this Same Problem in Collage with People talking aimlessly about Thier private lives and 'complaining' about having to do lab workin the lab. I would just as soon Be in Lab by My Self, than to have to have My work delayed due to senseless nonsense from Others who are not serious about doing the Work needed to 'Pass Exams. I go to 'School' to Learn, not monkey about disrupting Others Studies.

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Unfortunately situations like that happen all the time =(

I vividly recall US History II class in senior year when I was in a group of three (a male and a female) and they sat there, within earshot of the teacher, and gossiped like 12-year-old girls, and that son of a ***** didn't do **** about it. I was more disappointed in him than the groupmates, I already knew they were failures.