16 and pregnant.

I'm 16, and not long ago found out, I'm 7 weeks pregnant.
I'm so excited! I've always wanted to have a baby, but i honestly didn't plan to have one this early, even though it wasn't planned, I'ld never change it for the world. I'm more than happy to give up my whole life for this baby.
The only thing I dread is having to tell my boyfriend & his parents, my parents, & our friends as I have know idea how they're going to react! I plan on telling them all after my first pno.
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Really proud sweetie hope everything goes well xx

You will be ok! Everything works out somehow!

I first got pregnant at age 13 and loved the thought of that very much and was so excited as you are today. During my teen years I had four kids at; 13,15, 17,and 19 years old. I never used birth control pills and my boyfriend never used a condom. I have seven kids today and I am pregnant now with twins. Best of luck to you always.

I have a good paying job, & ill be finished year 12 by the time the baby's born.
Not to sure how my parents & boyfriend are going to take it.

What about money and all ? Is ur mom and bf going to take it well ? Can you give the baby a bright stable future? I mean , no doubt ull be a great mother , and you are a very strong women ; how are things going to turn out??