Pregnant @ 17

well like most 17 year olds i never thought i would have a child at this age i got pregnant when i was 16 the father is 21 and well i didnt think it would happen to me . i am not 10 days away from my due date and i am so thankful for my daughter. its kinda sad that it took getting pregnant to make me stop drinking, getting high everyday and to realize how important school really is...i am curetly on leave from school for a few months to be able to take care of my daughter untill she is old enough for day care but i am so lucky to have her and i am happy i finally broke out of thoes stupid old habits. to all girls out there that think it wont happen to you NEWS FLASH! nature dosnt care how old you are or if you are ready for a child so if you arnt seriously! be smart about it use protection and birth control is NOT! 100% effective!!!!!!!!
i am very excited to meet my daughter and to finaly be able to see her beautiful face. i have had people tell me im to young and cant handle a child well all i have to say to thoes people is you have no idea what i am capable of and have no right to tell me what i can and cant do. all i have to say to girls my age that are pregnant is 1) 9 months honestly flys by and your child will be here in no time! 2) stay or get back into school! it is VERY important! and 3) if you ever need someone to talk to send me a message and i will reply i have been thru alot in my life and in these past 9 months including dealing with my baby daddy who is addicted to pain killers so if you have any issues or just need someone to listen when things get to much to handle (witch they will ALOT! trust me)
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1 Response Jan 14, 2011

People who tell you you can't handle a baby alone are... right! Age doesn't matter. Nobody can raise a child alone. You will need help and lots of it, so start lining it up. It will be there for you. Good work kicking the booze and drugs, by the way. You are stronger than you know.