Time Of Great Change

A few month ago I was with my ex-girlfriend at her house. It was in the middle of the night and she was talking in her sleep. I realized that everything that she was talking about was about what I was thinking about at that time. I decided to ask her a question, I asked what she thought about are relationship, and it was not out loud when I asked her this it was in my head. She answered that she did not see it going anywhere and that we should end it and that she was sorry. I asked her another question that had to do with the first once she pretty much answered it about the same as before. After that she just started to mumble. About a month later I was at her house and she started talking in her sleep again, the last time that she had talked in her sleep I had told her about it and she did not like it at all it kinda made her mad that I would ask her that. Well before she had fallen to sleep she said that if she talks in her sleep again not to tell her what she says. Well the first question I asked her was about us again and what she had said kinda made me mad so I rolled over facing away from her I decided to ask her a question that she would not know. I asked her what was about to happen in the world. It felt like she had put her arm around me and put her mouth up to my ear but when this happened I got this really calm feeling and there was a whisper in my ear and it wasn't her voice it was the most beautiful voice I've ever heard just thinking about it honestly almost makes me want to cry. When it first started whispering to me it was very unclear and I had to focus on it so whatever I was told first I did not get I think it was the amount of time we have. It said that a great change is about to happen for mankind, there will be 3 days of change, 3 days of hell on earth, and peace. After that I was let go I instantly turned around and she had not moved at all. I tried to ask another question about what my purpose was going to be, but there was nothing. I don't know how everyone else feels but people need to open there eyes and see that there is a change coming we all can feel it, weather you choose not to except it or you do everyone on this earth is going to be apart of it but how you come out on the other side all depends on what kinda of person you are on this side.
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May 25, 2012