How I Started Preaching

In the year of 2005, I decided to participate in a convention called Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). There were a lot (and I mean a lot) of things that I could do in this convention so I decided why not try sermon delivery and I signed up for it.

Then, the time came when I had to learn how to make the sermon and actually make it. I had help from my youth minister. He helped me a great deal. By the time it was finished, it was time to practice it and practice it I did. I memorized the whole sermon.

And finally, I had to preach it. It was great though I was nervous! My feet were shaking but I did a great job accordding to many people. In fact, I got gold in that event! So my talent has just begun and I'm still preparing and deliverying sermons.

svtoflord svtoflord
18-21, M
Jun 13, 2007