My First Blog

First and foremost this is my first blog to the site. I've got to say I found the site looking for mythological information. Instead I ran into a 13 year olds blog about how he thought he was a werewolf. It was amusing as to how I could see another person's view on what they dearly wish they could be. Although normally I would have backed out of the site I was curious and I looked through it. What drew me into becoming a member was people's questions on how to prep and make MREs. Label me a kook if you will but me and my family are preparing for social collapse and or natural disaster. We are always looking to help other people prepare and be ready for the worst. So here in a couple hours I plan on making a video on how to make a MRE's with a food vacuum sealer, and standard pantry staples that will last a long time. Until then thank you for listening and have a good rest of your day. Tune in later to learn how to create MRE rations.
G3arhart G3arhart
Dec 14, 2012