My Truth

after 15 years of  addiction of one type or another.  Finaly i have found peace, The omnipresence of what some would call god  has come into my life. The interconectivity spiritualy is immence at ever increacing frequency.

My life situation Has involved What i now know as 'suffering', my addictions are but a symptom of this 'pain body'.

I take full responsibility now, for my thinking emotions and feelings. The presence i find in silence is a gift to me.

interconectivity with people is now very spiritual. Mostly they do not know it. I learn something with every experience.

I can feel my inner being vibrating with varying amounts of energy. The recodnition of this serves to bring me closer to be with my true sence of self.

The research teaches me, I have had the zen experience of 'enlightenment'. And continue to do so.

I  no longer seek satisfaction or fullfilment from anything other than this essensial sence of being.

There is no sence of time.

I am a level headed, reasonably well educated, and until recently worked daily.

I have many new insights, understandings and knowledge. The thirst for more knowledge is insaciable.

There is a way in that there is no use of mind.

There are many portals to higher potential.

I am not religous.


iamwithgrace iamwithgrace
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I too, have reached the age of enlightenment. And I am not religious either. Capturing nirvanna was so simple it defies description, but once you have seen the way, there is no going back. I believe in Karma. If you need to create it at all, make sure it is good karma.