Materials Mayhem

Tensile strength - Maximum engineering stress in tension that can be sustained without fracture (TS)

Ductility - A measure of a material's ability to undergo plastic deformation before fracture (%EL or %RA)

Fracture Toughness - A measure of a material's resistance to fracture when a crack is present (Kc)

Fatigue Limit - Maximum stress amplitude below which a material can endure infinitely many stress cycles without failure

Low-cycle Fatigue - Material fails after less than 20000 cycles due to regions of high stress concentration


Bloody hell. There's like 2 years worth of stuff for this damn subject. I mean, it's interesting, but there's just far too much. Schottky defects in ceramics are when you "beam 'em up," "'em" being the cation and anion pair, but because Schottky's doing it instead of Scotty, they both just disappear. Frenkel defects are just when the cation moves... I dunno how to make anything odd about that one.

I think I might qualitatively determine the tensile strength of my exam paper tomorrow rather than completing it... Just a thought. It'd be pretty high though, cause paper's strong in tension due to its complex, highly cross-linked structure... Or something. Now I'm just bullshitting. ****.

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I never watched Star Trek either.... :P

Lol. People think I'm insane for remembering it that way. :P But I never really watched Star Trek, so they're probably right. Lol, I'd be terrible at learning that kind of thing. :P<br />
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Judging by how my exam went today, I'd sure hope not. Well, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either.

I got the Star Trek reference lol...<br />
<br />
James Doohan played Scotty... He and William Shatner did not get along...<br />
<br />
That's the kinda **** I learned in my subject :P