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Before I became a teenager I learned something about sex. I was walking home from the baseball field and was grabbed. My wrists were tied behind my back as we drove to some empty house. In the car they touched my breasts and groped my crotch. I didn't like it but my vagina became wet as he reached inside of my panties and fingered me. Out of the car, I'm untied but after they remove my shirt, shorts and bra, my arms are held behind my back. PLeease let me uughllfp go, pleeasuullfmp I grunt as his fist crushes my bellybutton inward. My lower and mid belly are punched a think thirteen times. at this time, i have the strength of a rag doll. I gasp as my panties are removed. On the floor, rope is tied around my right wrist then my left. He grabs my ankles and jerks me tight. Now my left ankle is spread and tied then my right. They took turns licking and fingering my vagina as well as sucking painfully on my erect nipples. At this time, all i could do sas look up into their sick faces. After this I was untied and ordered to get on my knees. I was forced to suck and play with their penis's in my mouth until I swallowed all their *****. It was nasty, I gagged and it was all over my face. When I finished this my arms were again held. Punch after punch crushed my belly. My intestines were bruised I believe. I know my boobs were. Several times his fist slammed directly into my puffy nipple. Thankfully all the bad things they did that day, they did not actually rape me. It's like boys know exactly where to punch a girl to get her aroused from pain. Punches to my bellybutton made my gut tingle and although having my breasts punched hurt like hell I still had this weird sexual feeling.
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I understand what you mean about being aroused by the violence. Do you role play this now with your boyfriend?

can u do a story like this but without the nude and sex and everything just a nice 2 on 1 belly punching and plz give how every1 dressed and looked like thanks good story though

What the hell is wrong with you..

Have you ever had your arms held behind your back or tied above your head? In this position have you ever had a fist violently slammed into your lower belly, your bellybutton or your boobs? Have you ever had a finger forced inside you until you climaxed? Have you get had a penis thrust between your legs or inside your mouth? You would grunt, uuullfmp, ughlmfp, uuullfmp each time a fist imploded into your belly then he would easily feel the wetness between your legs. Not me but him.

Not weird. Just asking if you ever experienced anything such as this? You posted on this topic, I'm curious if you were ever punched in your belly / chest or if anyone ever forced something between your legs. I hope not, I don't wish that. Just curious about your life experience. No offense intended.

I have a question. If you were jumped by thugs and told that you would be punched in your lower belly five times, punched in your bellybutton nine times then jabbed in each boob four times, would you prefer to be. (1) Tied spread eagle. (2) Sitting, wrists tied behind your back, ankles spread and tied. (3) Standing, arms held behind your back. (4) Standing, wrists tied above your head stretching your belly as you are punched. OR? Would you allow them to tie you spread eagle, thump and pinch your areoles. Tongue and finger you between your legs to avoid being punched? This may be a weird question but I'm curious how you will answer.

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